Personalized bracelet with pendants

VAT included

The custom-made silver bracelet can contain moments close to your heart or people symbolized by small pendants. I create bracelets to order. The pendants can be almost anything - letters, symbols, copies of leaves, scaled down copies of child's drawings, etc.

The price of a bracelet depends on the number of pendants:

Bracelet: 10 €

Pendant: from 15 € / pc

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If you are interested in a similar bracelet, please send me a message along with your idea of the bracelet. By mutual agreement, I will create and publish a bracelet as a product reserved for you.

Art Clay Silver which the jewelry is made of is made from silver waste used in industry. Therefore the jewelry made out of it is very environmentally friendly. We do not create waste, but we give new and more beautiful life to precious metal.

Size: as desired

Chain: silver 925/1000

Pendants: 999/1000