Professional firing of your jewellery


We offer you the opportunity to have your silver clay jewellery fired with us  in a professional jewellery kiln.


Do you want to create silver clay jewellery, but the investment in a jewellery kiln seems too high and unnecessary with the number of pieces you make?
Do you make silver clay jewellery and want to be sure that it is perfectly fired?
Do you make larger pieces that are not recommended to be fired with a torch?

We offer you the opportunity to have your silver clay jewellery fired with us in a professional jewellery kiln.

We use a special jewellery kiln designed just for this purpose. In the kiln, the jewellery is fired at a constant temperature. This will ensure perfect burn up of the binder and sintering of silver. At a constant temperature lower than the melting point, but higher than the recommended minimum firing temperature for silver clay, there is no risk that your jewel will deform due to too high temperature. When firing with a torch, we cannot measure the temperature; we control the firing only by the colour of the fired object.

If you are interested in this service, you can send us your pieces by post or courier. Remember to pack them thoroughly and securely. Unfired jewellery made of silver clay is very fragile. After inspecting the piece, we will confirm the firing or consult with you about other options.

The price is paid per piece. In case of a large order, an individual agreement applies.

By ordering this service, you acknowledge that Finimi s.r.o. cannot be held responsible for the correctness of the production process of silver clay and for any damage that could occur after the incorrect process of creation during firing.

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