copy of Evolving: Flowery - Working with Detail in Silver


Creative flow. Relax. Mindfulness. Enthusiasm. A break from daily routine. Fantastic atmosphere with similar people. Unleash of your own abilities.

I will take you to another workshop of creating silver jewellery with a message. Flowery is a workshop with a more advanced form of working with silverclay. You will create jewel with a message with your oun hands. It can contain symbols that are important to you. During the workshop, I will guide you step by step in making a pendant with small flowers, petals, twigs ... I will teach you how to do it.

Date: 27.3.2022
Time: 9:00 - 12:00
Venue: Pezinok, Ateliér AJAMO, Hrnčiarska street
Instructor: Slavomíra Habardová
Minumum number of participants: 1 Pezinok, Ateliér AJAMO, Hrnčiarska street


This workshop will get your piece into the third dimension. With your own hands, you can turn silver clay into a twig, tiny flower or other relief, which you will decorate with miniatures. If you are attracted by tiny detailed decorations, this workshop is just for you.

You will learn:

• How to create a basic smooth or textured shape.

• How to work with templates if you choose an unconventional form.

• How to form tiny silver flowers.

• How to create miniature ornaments.

• How to make 3D decorations from silver clay.

• How to make layered piece.

• What are the drying possibilities for silver clay before firing.

• When the silver clay is completely dry and ready to be fired.

• What are the possibilities of firing silver clay.

• How to polish silver.

• How to patinate silver.

• How to finish a piece of jewellery.

If you want to incorporate a simple drawing, texture or logo etc. bring them with you.

Before this course, I recommend taking a „have-a-look“ or an introductory workshop, as the pre-learned basic techniques will help you fully focus on the more challenging ones. However, this is not a condition.

The price includes 10 g of silver clay, leather / waxed / satin lace for finishing, lecturer, tools and aids for creation.

Possibility to buy additional materials and tools.

Art Clay Silver, the jewellery is made of, is produced from silver waste generated mainly in the photographic and electrical engineering industries. The jewellery made of it is very environmentally friendly. We do not create waste, but we give the precious metal a new and more beautiful life.

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