copy of Introductory: Silver Alchemy - Double-Sided Pendant


Creative flow. Relax. Mindfulness. Enthusiasm. A break from daily routine. Fantastic atmosphere with similar people. Unleash of your own abilities.

I will take you through a workshop of creating silver jewellery. We will work step by step and create a double-sided pendant that you "tailor" for yourself or someone you plan to give.

Date: March 12,.2022
Time: 9:00 - 12:00
Location: Pezinok (Slovakia), Atelier AJAMO, Hrnčiarska street
Instructor: Slavomíra Habardová
Minimum number of participants: 1


This is the most comprehensive introductory workshop that will guide you through the basic techniques of working with silver clay.

One side of the piece of jewelry can display an engraved drawing, the other side can be decorated with a tiny herb, leaf texture, or textures of your choice. The engraved side can include an important symbol, child's drawing, logo, brand, anything that is close to your heart. It can even work as a seal. And you may decide not to engrave it. It's up to you.

You will learn:

• What is silverclay, where does it come from, how to work with it.

• How to create a basic smooth jewelry shape.

• How to transfer a drawing to the silver clay.

• How to engrave into silver clay.

• What are the drying options before firing.

• When is the clay is completely dry and ready to be fired.

• How to fire with a hand torch.

• How to polish and patinate silver.

• How to finish a silver piece of jewelry.

Even after your first workshop, you will be able to independently create simple jewellery for yourself or gifts for the loved ones. You don't need any expensive equipment for goldsmiths.

- The workshop is suitable for beginners as well as for those who have already worked with silver clay,

- If you want to incorporate a specific simple drawing, texture or logo into your piece, bring them with you.

- The price includes 10 g of silver clay, leather / waxed / satin cord for finishing, lecture, tools. 

- I also offer the opportunity to purchase additional materials and tools.

Art Clay Silver, the jewellery is made of, is produced from silver waste generated mainly in the photographic and electrical engineering industries. The jewellery made of it is very environmentally friendly. We do not create waste, but we give the precious metal a new and more beautiful life.

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