Necklace: Leaf in Beads - greenish


The greenish necklace is crocheted of quality Japanese beads known by their precision. The silver clasp, which is the dominant element on the necklace, is decorated with silver beads and a copy of a real gooseberry leaf made of fine silver.

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The small silver beads of the crocheted chain are plated with sterling silver.

Symbols hidden in piece:
- the leaf and the green colour - nature and love for it,
- Finimi Butterfly - dynamics, grace,and perspective.

The jewel is properly assayed.

Art Clay Silver, the jewellery is made of, is produced from silver waste generated mainly in the photographic and electrical engineering industries. The jewellery made of it is very environmentally friendly. We do not create waste, but we give the precious metal a new and more beautiful life.

Length: 50 cm
Crochet chain thickness: 6 mm
Leaf size: 15x19 mm
- leaf - Ag 999/1000
- other silver parts - Ag 925/1000
- crochet necklace - glass
Weight: 19 g