Honey Pendant III.


Pendant in the shape of a three honeycomb cells with tiny roses. 

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Symbols hidden in jewel:

- honeycomb cell: perseverance, tirelessness, ability to live for the benefit of all,
- flowers: respect, faith, beauty, balance,
- heart: love,
- Finimi butterfly: dynamics, grace, and perspective.

The jewel is patinated. Patina highlights the details of the jewelry and slowers down the natural oxidation of silver. The chain is included in the price.

The jewellery is properly assayed as per valid legislation. 

Chain length: 45 cm
Pendant height: 20.7 mm
Pendant width: 20 mm
Diameter of the largest flower: 5.5 mm
Jewel weight: 4.4 g
Material: Ag 999/1000 and 925/1000

Art Clay Silver, the jewellery is made of, is produced from silver waste generated mainly in the photographic and electrical engineering industries. The jewellery made of it is very environmentally friendly. We do not create waste, but we give the precious metal a new and more beautiful life.

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