Two Infinities


The necklace is crocheted of quality Japanese beads, known by precision of production. The clasp, which is the dominant element on the necklace, is hand made from fine silver. It consists of two infinity signs decorated with small flowers.

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The necklace is crocheted of quality Japanese beads, known by precision of production. The clasp, which is the dominant element on the necklace, is hand made from fine silver. It consists of two infinity signs decorated with small flowers.

Symbols hidden in jewel:

- infinity signs: infinity in whatever you are wish,
- flowers: love of nature or beauty,
- Finimi butterfly: dynamics, grace, flight when flying around the world.

The back of each clasp part is also finely decorated, so it's up to you, which side of the necklace to show. The necklace can be worn:

- symmetrically - infinity signs are a pendant,
- asymmetrically - infinity signs are on the right or left and you will show a larger pink part of the necklace,
- with the clasp hidden at the back and a dominant pink necklace.

Necklace: length 47 cm, width 6.2 mm

Clasp: length 5 cm, width 8.5 mm
Jewel weight: 20.7 g
Material: infinity signs - Ag 999/1000, other metal components Ag 925/1000, silver beads - glass plated with silver 925/1000, pink beads with metallic finish.

The jewellery is properly assayed as per valid legislation. 

Art Clay Silver, which I work with, is produced from silver waste generated mainly in the photographic and electrical engineering industries. The jewellery made of it is very environmentally friendly. We do not create waste, but we give the precious metal a new and more beautiful life.

We’ve achieved our dream. We became beekeepers. We strive to positively contribute to the wellbeing of beautiful mother Earth. And since in family businesses everything is related to everything and everyone to everyone, you also contribute to increasing the number of bees whenever you decide to buy jewelry or a lesson/tutorial from Finimi. Thank you!

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